How it all began

Harvey Autocarriers began operations in June of 1975 and has continued to provide delivery of new vehicles to dealers across the island of Newfoundland as well as other vehicles as required.

From 1975 to 1987, Harvey Autocarriers operated only on the East Coast of the island. In 1987, rail service ceased, at which time we began servicing the West Coast and also took over the operation of auto compounds on both the East and West coasts. From Corner Brook on the West Coast, we service points west, the Northern Peninsula and as far east as Grand Falls. From St. John’s on the East Coast, we service the remainder of the island.


Here is a list of our primary services:

  • Delivery Of New Vehicles To Manufacturer Dealers
  • Transfer Of Vehicles From Dealer To Dealer As Required
  • Auto Carrier Services On The Island Of Newfoundland
  • Auto Carrier Services To Or From Points Beyond the Island Of Newfoundland


Safety & Quality

We are committed to a culture of Safety and Quality. All employees are highly trained, and we operate a fleet of modern vehicles and follow a rigid safety program.

The quality of the delivered vehicles and the safety of the traveling public and our employees are of utmost importance to us.